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Expert Investigations & Surveillance is the industry leader for insurance claims investigations. We set the standard for integrity, assertiveness and professionalism throughout the State of Florida . Our established and fast-growing fraud investigation firm is hiring qualified part/full time investigators to conduct video surveillance and all aspects of insurance related investigations throughout the State of Florida . 

All candidates shall have an impeccable employment history related to insurance claims investigations. They will be a career oriented investigator with the highest degree of integrity augmented with an unstoppable work ethic .All candidates will have a professional surveillance vehicle, an arsenal of props and properly maintained surveillance equipment and technology including two or more video cameras with inside/covert capabilities, a laptop, windows XP pro OS, respectively

The candidate will have the ability to dictate/type the results of the field investigation into in a chronological detailed final written report and submit into the home office in a timely manner.

We offer the highest starting wages commensurate with your level of experience, performance bonuses, travel pay and absolutely the best mileage reimbursement in the industry.

We are a fast growing organization and offer excellent opportunities for career advancement into management positions for those who wish to achieve a higher level of success in their profession. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Absolutely no phone calls! To  Email your resume, please click >here<.  Or fax it here: (321) 242-9833


Qualifications In 1987, Ron Alford began his career as a private investigator immediately after graduating from college with a bachelor's degree in criminal justice. He has considerable knowledge and expertise in every.... MORE ABOUT QUALIFICATIONS >
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Who should hire an investigator? People who need to prove or disprove a situation.
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